Name               :           Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz Al-Rashid
Date of Birth   :           1385 A.H.

Place of Birth     :            Riyadh. 

Academic Qualification:

       * BSc. In Law systems from King Saud University, (1998, 1408 A.H.)

        * MSc. In Library and Information Science from Clarion University, Pennsylvania, USA, (1991, 1412 A.H.).

Work History:

* In 1408 A.H., Joined King Fahd National Library, as one of the founders.

* In 1410 A.H., he had been for master degree.

* IN 1412 A.H., appointed on an official post, as library researcher, on grade (8).

* Head of International Standard Book Number Administration in 1412 A.H.

* Acting manager, Legal deposit and registration Administration, 1416 A.H.

* Acting supervisor, General Administration of Administrative & Financial Affairs, 1421 A.H.

* General Manager, User Services Administration, 1422 A.H. (12th grade).

* General Manager, Acquisition & Information Management, (Grade 13).

* Acting Director General during the absence of the director.

* Promoted to (grade, 14) on 16/1/1428 A.H.

* Director General in 1432 A.H.

Training Courses:

* ISBN training course held at the International Agency in Berlin, Germany.

* ISSN training course held in Paris, France.

* Library management course held at Institute of Public Administration, Riyadh (1416 A.H.).

* Electronic systems evaluation in libraries at Al-Amal International Center for Administration and Development, Egypt (2001).

* Developing administrative and behavioral skills of the managers, Taybeh Center for Administration and  development (1999).

* Usage of computer in national libraries, (Cairo University, 1997).

* Participating in many international symposiums, conferences and workshops related to the field of library and information science.

* Participating in IFLA conferences around the world. 

Committees and Councils he joined:

* Chairman of the Promotion Committee at the library since 1414 A.H. up to now.

* Chairman of the legal Deposit Act, ordered by the royal decree No. (M/26) dated (7/9/1412 A.H.) implementation Committee.

* Chairman of Service Improvement and Work Procedures Development Committee.

* Chairman of Scholarship and Training Committee.

* Chairman of the Promotion for Higher Grade Posts Committee.

* Chairman of the Internal and External Exhibitions Committee.

* Chairman of the Protection of Manuscript Heritage, ordered by the royal decree No. (M/23) dated 24/5/1422 A.H. Committee.

* King Abdulaziz Foundation for Research and Archives Board member.

* Library Science Department Promotion Committee at King Saud University member.

* Saudi Library Society member.

* Chairman of the committee studying the second Phase of the Saudi National Archive of Historical Pictures.

* Chairman of the library staff Permanently Appointment Committee.