In the framework of the King Fahd National Library to provide the latest sources and organized information and to make it available to researchers, as one of its main goals. the library and during 2015 ended participation in about 100 Arab and foreign electronic databases of periodicals, books, Scientific Theses, where the library has sought to provide a set of databases of the most important publishers and providers of information services as: Emerald, EBsco, Proquest and the Information Databases of Dar Al-Mandoumah  etc. Those databases covers various areas of knowledge, it  includes in their coverage of all the major scientific disciplines and sub, Medicine, law, engineering, computer, Humanities, Social Sciences and educational as well as in business and the economy in support of the process Scientific research in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Researchers can take advantage of the contents of these databases by visiting the library or by applying with information request application)offered by the library Community without having to visit the library)