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Frequently Asked Questions

Links are currently present and are accessible by the library's public index icon

Individuals can visit the Library without booking a pre-appointment according to the work schedule shown on the site,
and the authorities and schools must book a pre-appointment by Visit Request Service.

This work is related to the management of reference services based on the service of beneficiaries and beneficiaries.
They can be contacted on phone number +(966)114186111 or fax +(966)114186222

The regular deposit means the existence of a system that obliges the publisher, stamp, or author to provide
the National Library in the country free copies of the books he publishes free of charge, within a certain period
specified by the system. Anyone who violates this system and takes the publication as a deposit number before it is published

Two copies except for the university theses, one copy.

Protecting the rights of authors and depositors.

The system used by the King Fahad Library in the classification of its collections is the Dewey decimal edition,18 translated
by Fouad Ismail. The foreign section uses the 20th, 21st edition, except Islamic religion,
Arabic language, Arabic literature and history.

Indexing in the department is done by filling out a programmed form that includes the bibliographic description of the book
then stored in the computer The extractor is then reviewed and the title card
works manually for the discrimination process.

The entries of Arab authors, the list of entries of bodies, a list based on Saudi authors,
lists of headings of Arab topics,and it is the list of Khazindar,the list
of Shaaban Khalifa, the list of the Arab Organization for Education,
Science and Culture, and other lists used by the division to classify the headings of topics.

This is done by: Filling out the form prepared at the Department of Studies and Reference Services
Review the periodical department and ask for help from one of the department's employees to first search for the relevant periodicals
and then review the catalogues of those periodicals to search for the subject in question.

This is done by referring to the library's periodical catalogue to confirm its existence.

You can search by the public Catalogue for the designated patrol and find the required article.

Cassettes, videos, and some old records.

There are videos about King Abdul Aziz's visits to some Arab countries.
There is also a video about Hajj at the time of King Abdul Aziz and there are videos about King Faisal's visits to
some Arab and friendly countries.

The deposit is subject to any intellectual or artistic work produced inside the Kingdom or printed abroad
by Saudi publishers or authors including: books and brochures, university theses, documents,
government publications , periodicals, daily newspapers, plans, manuscripts or pictures thereof, calendars.

1- The printing permit must be obtained from the Ministry of Information.
2- Fill out the application for the deposit number and attach a copy of the printing permit.
3- The indexing card is prepared during publication and delivered to the publisher in order to be printed at work.

The deposit system stipulates that the deposit number shall be cancelled six months after
registration unless the work is printed and the two prescribed copies are deposited.

If the periodical stops being issued, it still carries the same ISBN,
and when the address changes, a new ISBN will be issued to it.

There is no external loan for books, but there is a photocopying service.

The library sells only the books and magazines that it publishes.

Yes, there is

Yes, the opening hours on Fridays (4 p.m. to 9 p.m.) and Saturdays (10 a.m. to 6 p.m.).

Services are now available through electronic services and the public Catalogue.

Yes, the beneficiary must be at least 18 years of age.

No, the library serves the beneficiaries inside and outside the kingdom, whether Saudis or non-Saudis.

The Library is governed by the Ministry of Human Resources
and Social Development and employment is carried out through the Ministry.

More than Two Million documents.

Some documents are entered in a document management device and not in the Library's public Catalogue.

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