Preparing information

The library receives annually so many inquiries and deep search questions which need data collection and prepare it in forms that suits the customer's need, the library made many bibliographies of Saudi intellectual property from books, periodicals and translations to publish in UNESCO and Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science publications through Saudi ministry of education, the library also provides statistical data about publishing in Saudi Arabia for international organizations and researchers all over the world.​

Reference Services

​The reference services provided to the library customers developed as the development of information resources that includes full text databases beside the main library database, the library receives many reference and research   inquiries directly or through telephone, the library issues library cards for its usual customers to enable them getting proper service.

Exchanging circulation

​The library made an agreement with some Saudi libraries and information centers to apply exchanging circulation system, this system may include more Saudi libraries in future under the supervision of the library.

Computer output access

​The library provides computer output for its customers, these outputs include bibliographical information and texts from different references and information resources.

Manuscript heritage safety

​Manuscripts have a great importance in history, link tool between past and present, manuscript is a register of peoples heritage, their customs and traditions, culture and development, therefore, loss of manuscript means loss of history. Manuscript heritage safety act, issued by a royal decree No. (m/23) dated, (16/5/1422 A.H.) that represents an important ring in the chain of Saudi cultural system. This system is one of the most tasks of the national library. Through this system, King Fahd National library tries to register all the original manuscripts kept in the governmental and non-governmental institutions and individuals by giving it a number and a certificate of ownership that includes owner of the manuscript's name, the title, the author and the date of writing, this information help the owner in case of lost, sale or if he wanted to take it outside the kingdom.

Services offered to individual owners of original manuscripts

​1-Registration certificate of manuscript.
2-Scientific form of manuscript data.
3-Manuscript photocopy upon owner's request.
4-Sterilization of manuscript, that makes it last.
5-Entering manuscript data in Saudi Union Manuscript Catalogue.