Department Director Nabil Ben Abdulrahman Almoa'atham
Organizational Connection Director General
Management Tasks Field
1. Direct supervision and follow-up of all electronic transitions to all sources of information in the library.
2. Controlling of digital transformation process in the library.
3. Supporting of digital transformation mechanism to electronic applications and promotion.
4. Digitalization the all sources of information owned by the library.
5. Keeping on its holdings of sources of information on electronic media can be retrieved and transported and make its electronic processing.
6. Expanding in building digital collections of the library as needed.
7. Supervision of all digital projects in the library and follow-up.
8. Enrich the Arabic content (initiative of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah Ben Abdulaziz).
9. The Department is the entity responsible for all direct digital projects in the library, including the conversion of the all contents of the library and their holdings into digital formats.
Contact with Department
Phone: 0118146186 - 0114186124 - 00114186400