Department Director Abdulrahman Ben Nasser Al-Awairdhi
Organizational Connection General Directorate of Beneficiaries Services
Management Tasks Field
1. Guard and control the library buildings through three shifts including holidays Thursday and Friday of each week, as well as public holidays, the National Day and throughout the year and around the clock every day in order to maintain all property and Library Holdings of theft, damage or vandalism.
2.Manitain the all library property and holdings of precious and not allowed to take the output or the property or holdings for the purposes of research or loan, except under written permission of His Excellency the Secretary or his deputy, and recorded until it return.
3.Follow-up and check all the security and safety systems, a warning and alarm bells, smoke and heat detectors, fire hoses water systems, fire extinguishers of different sizes and types of extinguishers, halon and carbon dioxide, and automation systems fire in the library building.
4. Follow-up energy sources such as electricity, heat, computers and photocopy machines and make sure separated from power after the end of time every day.
6. Close the doors of the library after the end of time every day and make sure all employees exit, researchers, visitors, reviewers and inspection of all departments and divisions.
7. Organization the entry and exit of cars to and from the parking and make sure the output of all personnel, researchers, ’visitors and reviewers cars and to inform officials in the case of a car in the library after the end of time every day.
8.Maintain the security system , order and planning for the library systems for natural disasters and safe evacuation operations and providing protection and treatment in case of emergency and first aid control.
9. Follow-up maintenance company in the performance of its functions and its control, including technicians, workers and prepare them for a day.
10. Registration of the Library holdings for the purpose of maintenance or participation in exhibitions and official events until it return, as is recorded when entering the property of individuals to facilitate the exit.
Contact with Department
Phone: 0114186411 - 0114186364 - 0114186420 – 0114186120.