Department Director Othman Ben Mohammed Al-Asmari
Organizational Connection The General Directorate of Information
Management Tasks Field
1.Establishment of a national bibliographic database for intellectual production, which published in Saudi Arabia or about it.
2.Create an integrated bibliographic database of all Saudi Arabian library catalogs of various kinds and sizes and enable researchers to access to information sources.
3.Development of standards, specifications and practices adopted targeted for libraries.
4.Participation in the development of specifications, standards and the development of basic technical work tools (bibliographic and authority records), and encourage the application and follow-up in libraries and information centers.
5.Follow-up the development of the automated system of the catalog on the web portal to serve the government trends in the application of electronic transactions.
6.Perform investment information programs, including networking and the development of the cooperative information network between libraries and information centers.
7.Establishment a reference to determine the whereabouts of information sources through Saudi libraries and research centers; loan for the development of cooperative programs between all the libraries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
8.Launch unified national indexes specialized and sub-index for the mother index; to provide an interactive documentary base for Saudi libraries separately.
9.Support national intellectual production and highlighted, and by definition, provide rich information for Saudi information items.
10.Launch outlets to promote the Saudi information items and marketing.
11.Enrich the Saudi catalog with digitization materials stored in libraries.
12.Follow-up and monitoring of the intellectual property rights of cultural production.
13.Library representation in conferences and meetings related.
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