Department Director Fahd Ben Ibrahim Al-Braidi
Organizational Connection The General Directorate of the Acquisition and Organization of information
Management Tasks Field
1.Organizing, reviewing and updating the whole library collections.
2.Cataloging the Saudi intellectual production to be confined and stored in the central database and the issuance of national bibliographic.
3.Legalization of the names of ancient and modern people and the names of governmental and private agencies and unify drafted.
4.Provide advisory, training, and technical services for the academic and scientific bodies.
5.Cataloging of private collections review and cubed.
6.Labeling the all information container as books, periodicals and others.
7.Participation with all different departments in the library.
8.Participation in attending meetings of committees and specialized conferences.
9.General Review of bibliographic records to be ready to researchers through the websites of the library.
Contact with Department
Phone: 0114186119 - 0114186268