Department Director Hassan Ben Hamad Al-Rowaili
Organizational Connection Director General
Management Tasks Field
1.Preparation of the draft five-year plan and annual plans for the library in coordination and cooperation with the various administrative units.
2.Helping different units in the library in the preparation of plans and studies and provide them with the information available to it.
3.Controlling of the plans, follow-up and evaluation on a regular basis, and reporting on the progress of implementation and the extent of progress and submit them to the competent authorities.
4.Estimates of the labor force in technical and administrative areas, in the light of the actual needs of the work in coordination with the Personnel Management.
5.Improve performance and increase production efficiency in the different administrative units, and work on the development and coordination of all procedures and simplified.
6.Analyzing of administrative problems facing the library and propose appropriate solutions.
7.Training needs planning and follow-up training and scholarship programs for staff working in the library and to train a new employee and definite him the library system and its activities.
8.Contribution in the preparation of research, studies, and evidence for the work of libraries and information and dissemination.
9.Post proposal Library membership in global organizations and associations of regional and local activities related to the library and take all necessary measures to contribute to its activities.
10.The possibility of the appropriate use of modern office equipment and recommend the use of beneficial ones.
11.Preparing of periodic reports on the activities and achievements of the library and submit them to the Director General.
Contact with Department
Phone: 0114186226 - 0114186170 - 0114816171