Department Director Mohammed Bin Ali Al Hussaini
Organizational Connection Director General
Management Tasks Field
1.Supervision of the departments and associated coordination among them to ensure the integration of its activities and make the most of the possibilities available to them.
2.Supervision on the application of rules and regulations and directives adopted in the field of business management and administrative units under its supervision.
3Coordination with the relevant departments of the Library in relation to the preparation and implementation of plans and estimated annual budget in the field of Computer and Information Technology Activity, and follow up their implementation after adoption.
4.Prepare special studies to expand the computer and information technology services in the Library.
5.Study the development of systems, software, databases and networks, internal and external communications.
6.Maintain the technical specifications and necessary studies to secure the computers in the Library.
7.Prepare the instructions, procedures and criteria for the purchase of computers, as well as instructions, procedures and standards for information security, and ensure compliance by sectors and administrative units of the Library.
8.Study the programs and training schemes for the development of library staff in coordination with the Technical Planning and Development management.
9.Study and follow up any new development in the areas of hardware and software and information technology and to recommend the acquisition and use them appropriately.
10.Provide opinion, advice and assistance to all sectors and administrative units in the library and associated hardware in matters relating to actively Computer and Information Technology.
11.Provide necessary proposals to modify or develop rules and regulations, instructions and decisions actively own management and administrative procedures, according to business needs and variables emerging.
12.Supervision to identify the needs associated departments of the workforce, and provided follow-up and training.
13.Supervision to identify the needs of departments associated hardware, equipment and tools, and providing follow-up and development.
14.Supervision to collect, compile and save the data and information needed for the functioning of the administration and work to modernize and develop storage and retrieval systems.
15.Maintain periodic reports on the administration's achievements and make the necessary proposals to develop it, and submit for the senior management library to take a decision on it.
16.Perform any other functions assigned by the public administration in the area of competence.
Contact with Department
Phone: 0114186300 - 0114186249 - 0114186329