Department Director Saleh Ben Abdulrahman Al-Muhanna
Organizational Connection General Director
Management Tasks Field
1.Survey of the Library services and suitability to be submit via the Internet.
2.Prepare the strategic plan for the transition to e-Government.
3.Follow-up departments to meet the requirements of the e-government transactions.
4.Communication with the e-Government Program "Yosr", and coordination with them everything that has to do with the e-Government serves the King Fahd National Library including funding request, communication with the Saudi Gateway Net for e-government services.
5.Propose initiatives that contribute to perform and improvement of e-Government, and participation in the preparation of its specifications and implementation.
6.Assessment of the extent of the shift to e-government and that the Royal Decree No. 252, date of 07/16/1431 AH states that every government agency perform, every six months.
7.The Library presentation at the conferences in domestic and foreign-related e-government transactions and exhibitions.
8.Follow-up and coordinate meetings of the Committee of e-government, and what it takes to raise it.
Contact with Department

Phone: 0114186163 - 0114186179 - 0114186533