Department Director Bandar bin Hamad Al-Fayez
Organizational Connection The General Directorate of Information Technology
Management Tasks Field
1. Provision the necessary technical support for the all library departments.
2. The operation and management of the Library Computer Information Center.
3. Provision computers, accessories and supervise the operation and maintenance of installed systems and various applications on it.
4. The operation and management of the computer network of the main and branch library adapters.
5. Provision and management of the Internet and e-mail service, and give employees the appropriate access to network resources no longer active.
6. Hosting of internal and external library portals in Computer Information Center, as well as the library catalog on the Internet, and supervision of their operation and continuity.
7. Renewal of the operation and maintenance contracts and licenses for various systems and programs.
8. Provision of security and protection systems and anti-virus devices and servers, and perform data backup operations on a regular basis.
9. Operation and maintenance of governmental resources systems (financial system, personnel system, administrative communication system) as well as operation and maintenance of attendance and leave system.
10. Management and operation of the various library systems (the Horizon System, Regular Deposit, Registration and Numbering, Electronic Archiving, etc.), as well as database management.
11. Programs development and various reports according to requirements of the departments.
12. Provision of information services to some departments of the Library such as inventory data, the National Bibliography, indexing of periodical Articles, and the work of the annual statistics on the Horizon System database.
13. Participation in committees and technical studies on the development of automated library systems.
14. Participation in local and international specialized conferences in information technology and development. 
Contact with Department
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