Department Director Saleh Abdullah Al-Oboudi
Organizational Connection General Directorate of Manuscripts and Documents
Management Tasks Field
1.The department sort and catalog documents, it also has historical documents0
 that is the most collections of domestic securities and foreign sources that have a link to the kingdom and King Abdulaziz,
2.Including local documents belong to several areas in the Kingdom, and personal documents to some scholars and writers;
3.Along with the British, Ottoman, German and other documents.
The Department is making efforts to collect local original documents for the country in Saudi Arabia, with a focus on the documents of King Abdulaziz,
4.Where work is under way to read and review, in preparation for publication, and has been translated many of the Ottoman documents.
5.It provides services to a lot of researchers and bodies as well as facilitating access to documents for a number of individuals and governmental bodies, and document-imaging tasks required to researchers.
Contact with Department

Phone: 0114186210 - 0114186238