Department Director Abdul Rahman Ben Samir Al-A'anzi
Organizational Connection Deputy Director General
Management Tasks Field
 1. Plans for the acquisition programs and organize information and its various activities.
2. Contributing in the development plans and programs of issuing the national bibliographic control.
3. Participating in a follow-up plans and securing what comes out of Saudi Arabia or issued by any Saudis all over the world.
4. Supervising of the development of the acquisition of private collaborative programs and exchange of publications.
5. Participating in planning policy and programs for the provision of vital information sources in the kingdom.
6. Participating in the planning and supervision of the use of the bibliographic databases.
7. Supervision on the preparation of studies related to the activities of the General Directorate of the acquisition and organization of information.
8. Participating in the studies published about the administration activities of others.
9. Cooperation and co-ordination with libraries and local, foreign bodies in the areas of development of sources of information and organization.
10. Identification of needs of the overall department of the organization and the acquisition of all of the information, whether a human or in-kind, or any other requirements requires work secured and then presented to the Deputy Director General of the library.
11. Organization of the information about the management staff and the nomination of appropriate group for each course or scholarship consistent and in favor of work.
12. Preparation of periodic reports on the activities and achievements of associated departments and submitted to the Deputy Director General of the library.
Contact with Department

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